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At DieSand We're not just a cutting and fabrication shop. We're also an PA CNC machining company as well. You might have heard of the term before, but may not know about it. Check out here to discover a useful reference on milling machine. What is CNC machine? This is a manufacturing process that makes use of software and automation to control equipment like grinders, mills and routers. This allows for the solid rod of metal to be made into pieces by precisely removing layers of the slug's original. What are the advantages of CNC Machining over Conventional Machining? Effectiveness A single programmer is able to operate several machines. This significantly increases the efficiency when compared to traditional turning and milling methods. CNC milling and lathes can do the job faster and produce results that workers with conventional machines might struggle to achieve. With software that lets the simulation of a part or product, CNC machines can also save time and money by removing the requirement to build an actual model or prototype. Versatility Modern CNC milling and turning machines are able to adjust to complicated angles and design complicated geometries when manufacturing jobs require the production of large amounts of plastic or metal parts. Consistency CNC mills or lathes have the ability to reproduce a design and give the same results repeatedly. Every piece of manufactured is identical, even if there are thousands, many thousands. Reliability CNC machines aren't like humans. They don't have to take a lunch break or have bathroom breaks, unlike humans. They can be used all hours of the day with only the need for occasional maintenance. Adaptability Software updates can be utilized to add features and functionality to CNC machining centers. Instead of becoming obsolete and outdated quickly CNC machining centers could be updated to gain new capabilities and be able to adapt to changing customer needs. CNC Machining at DieSand Technology Our CNC machining service is offered through DieSand Technology and DieSand Machine, which can quickly and accurately machine complex parts and parts. Learn more about the latest machining equipment. Contact us today to get an estimate on the next job you're planning to tackle. 22-ton CNC Turret Punch The CNC turret punch can do embossing and slitting as well as punching. It is able to punch perforations even in tight spaces , and can accommodate plates of 1/4 inch. It is also possible to nest various shapes and sizes. Additionally, we have a computer numerical control machine center that can perform precision, high-speed machining of small components. The punch press can produce 15 to 50 tonnes of material. It uses either a die set supplied by customers or a custom-built set. CNC Lathes CNC turning centers are equipped with a direct drive turret, rotary tool milling spindle and a rotary grinding spindle. They can mill as large as 23 inches. in length and 13 in. in diameter. CNC Machining Centers Mazak Nexus vertical machines centers provide extraordinary versatility and efficiency. They feature 12,000 RPM spindle speeds, 30,or 48-tool magazines and are able to automatically change tools. They can accommodate parts up to 47 in length, 26 in wide, and 18 inches high. To ensure long-term accuracy they come with a long-lasting MX Hybrid Roller Guide system.