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There's never going to be anything more effective than a student taking responsibility for their own lives. This is the purpose of the prevention programs. Students who are equipped to make better decisions will improve their lives as well as those of their peers. Here are 10 tools that can be used to assist you in making better decisions for yourself. Don't be afraid to say"No. We fear negative reactions from friends. You may think otherwise, but there are a few who do it. Many wait that the right person will say no, so they won't be alone. Don't let other people decide your future. There's no need to explain why you are doing this. You can simply leave. It's your right. Look at this site to discover extra resources about teen substance abuse. Keep in touch with your friends. Be aware of your friends you're with. Avoiding negative peer pressure is much easier with groups of people who are like-minded. The more people you have around who make poor choices, the more powerful that pull will be. There is no need to follow with them to be a good friend. Stay in contact with your parents as well as other adults you trust. Your parents and teachers can provide tremendous strength and help for you. No matter what you are going through, there will always be people who are there for you. They will help you when you do make mistakes, or assist you move past bad choices. They will always be there for your needs, even after the other people who are in your life have left. Be happy and do the good things that you enjoy. You ought to engage in more activities that don't involve drugs and alcohol. A lack of activity and a life without purpose are the paths that frequently lead young people to try to fill the void in their lives using drug abuse. Don't give up to the activities you love in order to pursue activities that could cause harm to you. Stay on the ground when doing those things that truly define you. Family rules must be respected Don't let alcohol or drugs cause problems for you or your family. As you get older and gain more control over your life, you must remember your identity and the things you hold dearly. Your family rules safeguard you, and can empower you when you decide to choose them for yourself. Stick to what you know is right, and talk with your parents about the issues you're facing in your life. Get educated. There are many misconceptions and myths regarding drug use. Do not take your facts from the dumbest person in your circle who is currently using substances. Be aware of the real effects of drugs. Utilize these facts to steer you away from destructive choices within your own life. Set the example for others to follow. Be the model. You're laying the foundation for your own life, but also helping others understand the other method of living too. Nothing is more impactful in the lives of your acquaintances than seeing you making good choices. This will alter your life, and may even change their lives too. Make plans for the future. Don't let your circumstances get you into a situation in which there is no escape. Don't allow others to accompany you in the event that they're driving under the influence or breaking the law. Plan to have a way to leave in the event that something serious happens. Talk Out. Take responsibility for your life. Speak up when you see your friends causing problems in their lives. Say to them that you're seeing them fall apart and that you're dissatisfied. Do not let them tell you everything is fine. You have to hear the truth. Bring help. If someone you know is in trouble with alcohol or drugs, they should seek assistance. Don't wait. If you are in trouble contact us now. There are people willing to help. It doesn't matter if you are alone.