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It's not easy to run an enterprise. That's why you'll be asked a lot of questions. They originate from a variety of sources, including your employees, customers, investors, and more. Some questions are personal and need your immediate attention. Some are more general and routine, and could be handled easily with the service desk automation. The bigger your company gets, the more you can benefit from having an automated service desk. Let's get started with the basics. What is service desk automation? Service desk automation refers to processes and tools that help to automate your help desk. It allows your employees and clients to access resources that could help them essentially resolve their issues faster. Five advantages of automation at the service desk Onboard employees faster Automating the onboarding process could simplify the process by setting up an internal knowledge desk. The bot allows new employees to access crucial forms, videos, and the contact details of employees. This reduces the burden for HR personnel as it reduces the requirement for lengthy induction courses. Browse around this website to discover a full article about IT Service Desk. Problems can be addressed with ease Integration of task management systems like Slack together with helpdesk Softwares such as Jira and Freshdesk can make it easier to solve issues quickly. Employees can automatically create tickets using their task manager, which can seamlessly be raised to developers as well as IT experts, making the process simple and effortless. Enhancing customer experience Automated customer chatbots can help customers find relevant information without the need for human intervention. Customers can send a quick inquiry and be directed to the relevant articles and videos. Customers can also provide immediate feedback using automated systems following the delivery of products. Standard service requests for auto fill Save time and effort with making use of tools like ServiceNow, Aviater Service Catalog, PasswordNow and integrate these with your company's software and processes to fill in basic information when filling out form for service requests, as well as doing redundant tasks such as changing passwords. This will help you save time, and allow staff to focus on other tasks. Automate calls and redirect tickets to agents Automation can help control the flow of calls and request. It is possible to monitor calls and see how long they have been on hold. If they get to a high waiting time, you are able to escalate the call. Automatically forward customer complaints to the most available agents and save the time of assigning agents manually to take care of tickets that have been raised. Implementing automation for your service desk can improve the communication between your office and customers. It improves the quality of service you provide to customers. Your support staff will be able to perform their work by taking on redundant or uninteresting tasks. This allows your support staff to achieve more. It also helps employees by taking care of their issues in a systematic manner.