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Some vacationing divers are happy to include a few two-tank dives during their trip while others are totally about scuba diving, and would like to be underwater at every possible opportunity. You have two choices in the latter category. Either book an on-shore trip that needs transportation connections, several lodgings as well as the transportation of diving equipment, or you can jump on a liveaboard and settle in your "hotel on the ocean" and let a professional crew take care of the rest. This is exactly what liveaboard diving vacations are all about. Liveaboards mean fully immersing yourself in the ocean and marine life, accessing the most incredible dive sites the region has to offer and spending your time diving with other divers who have the same passion and love for diving. If you're still considering the pros and cons of a liveaboard trip to your next scuba diving trip, here are 10 benefits of going for it. Have a great time with like-minded People Liveaboard diving aboard an Aggressor Fleet vessel is one of the best aspects of liveaboard diving. Divers who are single will find this especially advantageous as they are able to have a roommate to share with. There are likely to be people who have been to destinations you have not yet visited and will provide you with an endless amount of inspiration and enable you to form lasting friendships. Once you really want additional hints on Triton bay liveaboard, browse around this site. You should spend less time traveling Land-based diving may involve long bus rides to your destination and then long boat rides to the dive locations. When you liveaboard, you are always ready to go once you arrive at your diving site every morning. Liveaboards are staffed by a knowledgeable crew and captain at the helm, who are familiar with the region as well as the back of their hands. They'll get you to all the secret dive spots and exclusive dive sites. And if the weather isn't in your favor, they'll simply shift direction to locate an area with better conditions. Unpack Just Once Instead of packing and unpacking every day while you move between different locations along the coast, you only have to complete it once on an on a liveaboard. Enjoy the process of settling into your scuba diving vacation home as well as your home on the ocean. This is especially advantageous for divers with their own gear, because transporting wet equipment one base to another is not exactly entertaining. All Your Dive Gear is All Set to Go Liveaboards don't require need to jog around with your equipment in tow between diving shops and your day boat. All your gear is ready to be used, and the vessels are designed to make it easy to donning tanks. Additionally, there are crew members available to assist you on the way. Liveaboards have their own compressors and other servicing equipment. A lot of liveaboards offer Nitrox for those wanting to explore more. Get More Dives in a DayPalau Aggressor-Dive-Boat One of the major reasons that divers are drawn to a liveaboard for their diving trip is that they provide more dives per day than the average land-based dive operator. They typically offer 4 or 5 dives per day, including the evening night dive and the number of dives you choose to dive is dependent on your individual dive profile. Liveaboards are typically less expensive than a traditional shore-based dive operation because of the amount of dives it offers. Surface Intervals With All Your Creature Your Comforts Instead of sitting on a cramped vessel during your surface intervals, trying to stay warm or take a drink while on a dive liveaboard, you return to base with the comforts of home await. You can relax in a comfy sunbed and read an e-book or enjoy bath in the hot water. Or you can check your photos straight away using your laptop. Some luxury liveaboards are also equipped with hot tubs that can transform your time on the water into indulgent breaks. Discover More Remote Diving Sites Liveaboards provide the ability to access dive spots that are impossible with land-based dives. This is among the greatest benefits. Liveaboards can take you to all of the sought-after locations (probably in the morning before divers who are based on land go to) They be able to take you to areas that day boats aren't able to go and dive sites that there are only ones on the water. The reefs here are usually wildly pristine and the marine life encounters second to none.belize-aggressor-07 Enhance Your Photography Skills In the current day and age of digital photography, the ability to instantaneously look at your photos in a blown-up format has changed how underwater photographers operate and the majority of liveaboards are up with the times and offering full onboard services. This not only allows you to view your images between each dive and make any necessary adjustments to your photos before you descend again, but also professional underwater photographers onboard will help you develop your skills and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Amazing Natural Occurrences Observed from the Ocean Although you might miss the nightlife that is on the shoreline, the ocean has some amazing natural shows. You can watch the sun set majestically above the horizon each night and illuminate the sky with a multitude of colors. You can then gaze in amazement at the vast starry skies that illuminate the ocean, far away from any light pollution that comes from land. You can drift off to the sound of waves crashing against the boat The sound of waves lapping around Mermaid-2–viewyou is one of the most relaxing things you can sleep to. A shore-based trip is a fantastic alternative for divers looking for additional activities to do during their vacation. However, the liveaboard's incredible variety of dive sites, along with the daily dives and immersive atmosphere make it the perfect option for divers who enjoy diving beneath the surface of the water.