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Ghost hunters offer advice about how to keep your sixth senile in tune with where to find the dead, and how to do in the event that it follows your home. Happy hunt! Hunt for the ghost's time Because there's no distractions in the day, nighttime is a good time for paranormal which can help your sixth sense remain in tune with the environment. However, any time of the day is good, depending on who's doing the creeping. For example, the old lady who haunts my house is constantly knocking on doors during the day but remains quiet at night unless she's annoyed by something, such as having to vacuum the house late. Use an object to trigger Find out the surroundings and the history of the ghostly incident, then bring something the spirit can be connected to. If it's a child for instance, bring a toy or if you're at a bank that was the scene of a massive heist bring money from the era of the heist. Talk about it. Ask questions. You might even gain enough spirit energy to move it. Be a child. Adults are walking around with blinders on. We've got a lot to think about. Children are open to anything. Wide open. They can see things before we do. You'll be amazed and eager to take on anything once you step into an historic (and possibly haunted!) spot. It is believed that ghosts are able to tell your sincerity and you would like them to meet you. Whenever you intend to a useful source on paranormal, browse this site.. Document evidence Digital recorders are a really excellent tool to begin with. Since they generate white noise, spirits could speak within them. The lower-cost ones are more effective. EVPs, or Electronic Vocal Phenomena, are classified as Class A, Class B, or Class C. Class-A is so clear, you can hear the words. In our last visit, we asked questions and replaying EVPs and the spirits were able to say our full names with clear voices and actually responded to our inquiries. Get all your senses engaged. It's like you feel a sense of presence. Your hair is hanging on the end, you hear some sounds or feel the touch of a hand then turn around and nobody's there. There are other smells that are earthy, like of roses or body odor. They could be crazy. Nothing says everybody's all sweetness and light. They're, for the most of them, not demons. They are simply people like you and me. Know the risks There's no need to hunt for rocks. You're not looking for seashells. Provocation is very serious. If you have established an excellent rapport with the witness, they'll be happy to hear from you once more. Make sure you request that they contact you whenever something else occurs, and make sure you keep a record of it. You are able to go back to the original investigation and tweak your methods to ensure maximum efficiency if something goes wrong.