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An end user would normally contact the service desk in the event that they were having an issue with their computer. The service desk technician who handled the request will then put the customer on hold and then complete the necessary paperwork to start the ticket. Only then can the issue be resolved or escalated. The user who is calling will not receive confirmation that the case has been closed. It could take a few minutes, hours, or even days, dependent on the severity of the issue. In this old-fashioned operational system staff members can become annoyed and frustrated and their efficiency levels eventually fall. There has to be a better solution automation of the service desk! Help desk software solutions offer powerful help desk automation functionality that is based on custom business rules. These capabilities are essential for automation in Help desk software. When you wish for additional resources on Automation in ITSM, click over here. All requests that are received automatically recorded and recorded Based on the skill of routing, it will automatically assign each case to the appropriate Help Desk Technician (or group) Notifying the technician in a timely manner that a new task was given to him. Automated prioritization of problems as per rules (i.e. system, severity, individual reporting) Automatically applying deadline dates and routing in accordance with customizable service level agreements (SLAs) Create tools to document effective solutions to problems in order that they are able to be used later Automating workflows for user onboarding procedures. Recording the interactions with the user Notifying users of issues automatically resolution or escalation To gauge user satisfaction To gauge satisfaction, we conduct an automated survey when the issue is resolved. Reports based on issue-related and service-related metrics and automatically sending these to the stakeholders Automation will also allow you to process simple request without the need for human intervention, such as: Password resets Folder creation Permissions No query on automation If you are able to automate, you should automate. Initial investment for technologies that facilitate automation can be quickly paid back through improved efficiency as well as a decrease in errors and productivity of the business and more satisfied customers. Increase the frequency and frequency of status updates The end users are often confused about the state of their problem or the time it will take to fix it. With the help of certain programs, you can set up the rules to send timely updates to your customers about the status of their ticket or request. Reduce the amount of questions the service desk is asked by keeping customers informed. If a ticket resolution does not meet your service level agreement, you can create automatic alerts that escalate to the top priority status to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. With the digital revolution it is easy to become obsessed with providing top tech to our customers that we fail to provide support to our staff. Automating your service desk is an extremely simple way to provide them the support they need.