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terraforms (Jeff Higdon)

Member since: April 28, 2010



Austin, Tx 78722
USDA hardiness zone 8B


Jeff Higdon

Member since:

April 28, 2010

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About me

I'm a landscape designer and contractor. I have a special interest in garden art - statuary, sculpture, furniture rendered in concrete, stone, metal or wood - especially in the faux bois concrete style. Photography is a hobby I strongly link to my landscaping efforts and interests.

Current project

Setting up the kitchen garden - tomatoes, herbs, japanese eggplant, okra and salad greens.

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garden wall

Hi there, I used to live in Austin now I'm all the way in France :-) Nice profile
fontaine-de-flore commented on 11/01/17
Thank you and thanks for the friend request!
terraforms replied: on 11/01/17
Hi,Jeff! Sorry I took so long to respond and HOWDY NEIGHBOR! I'm just down the road from ya!
AphidKiller commented on 10/26/10
No problem! Thanks for allowing the friends add & being neighbors call on me for landscape questions or photography needs :-)
terraforms replied: on 10/26/10
Your photography is amazing! Really like the latest set you posted... keep 'em coming!
chief cultivator commented on 05/25/10
Thanks! Sorry for the very very sluggish response! I'm not sure why I hadn't seen your message before :-)
terraforms replied: on 08/31/13
Hi! You are more than welcome to edit your personal profile above and hyperlink your website there so people can find you! All we ask for is a link back :) cool photos....
FigTree commented on 04/28/10
thanks! I appreciate the friend request as well. I may link to my site later, right now it's mostly 'people' photography and it needs to be updated and diversified... you can take a look if you'd like...
terraforms replied: on 04/28/10
thanks i will! glad you're here!
FigTree replied: on 04/28/10
Hi there! We are happy you found us and we want to help you with your garden in any way we can. <br/> <br/>****If you would like to ask the community a question or share your garden (don&#x27;t be shy!) *** <br/> <br/>1. go to your personal profile, click on &quot;contributions&quot; <br/>2. click on &quot;new contribution&quot;. <br/>3. This is where you can write a post with pictures and text, link to your blog or website and just get creative! <br/> <br/>****You can also add any plant to our plant database**** <br/>1. go to the green tab above and click on &quot;plants&quot; <br/>2. go to the green tab on the left hand side of the screen that says &quot;add a plant&quot; <br/>3. follow steps 1-5 and you are now a part of our ultimate virtual community garden!! <br/> <br/>Don&#x27;t forget to visit DigtheDirtTV on You Tube for videos!
FigTree commented on 04/28/10
I've been building a photographic plant glossary for my own use as a landscape designer... I'll sort through the images and post to your database... Thanks!
terraforms replied: on 04/28/10