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pbcouchman (Peter Couchman)

Member since: November 06, 2009



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Brooklyn, Ny 11231
USDA hardiness zone 6B


Peter Couchman

Member since:

November 06, 2009

About me

I'm a Brooklyn-based horticulturist, specializing in the design and installation of green roofs and in landscape design. I just completed a degree in horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden's School of Professional Horticulture, focusing on sustainable landscape and green roof design.

Current project

Last season, I assisted in the design and installation of a large green roof for the new corporate headquarters of Arizona Iced Tea. It's pretty darn awesome! Currently, I'm the Associate Designer and Horticulture Manager for Verdant Gardens Design, a boutique landscape design/build firm in Brooklyn.

Type of gardener

horticulturist, greenroofs, landscape design

Favorite garden activity

Pruning is so zen.

garden wall

Hey Pete, <br/> <br/>How&#x27;s all that snow treating you?! Hope all is well, <br/> <br/>Cliff
chief cultivator commented on 01/14/11
Hey Peter! How are you? Hope your first gardening season went well in your gig... Love the pictures :-)
chief cultivator commented on 10/01/10
pbcouchman- hey there, what&#x27;s happening up there in brooklyn? I&#x27;ve been to the gardens out there and they are lovely in the spring.
HeartOfTexas commented on 11/10/09
If you get to Brooklyn in April, you should make a point to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It's one of my favorites (aside from the ones in Washington D.C., of course).
pbcouchman replied: on 11/11/09
and Tokyo :-) saw the beginning of the cherry blossoms last year in a couple of gardens outside Tokyo and it was amazing... need to get to Brooklyn and see the show this Spring...
chief cultivator replied: on 11/12/09
Hey there-are we going to get to see some pics of Brooklyn? Probably pretty cold there now...
Seedling commented on 11/10/09
Never too cold to post good pictures -- I'll try to post some pics here soon...
pbcouchman replied: on 11/11/09
Welcome to DTD! We are happy that you found your way here. Please let me know if you have any questions about the site. You may start a blog by going to your profile and under &quot;contributions&quot; you can start writing and adding pictures for all to see. If you just want to upload pictures, go to your gallery page. Click on &quot;gardeners&quot; to talk and make friends (we are very friendly here), and &quot;inspirations&quot; and &quot;how-to&quot; if you just want to browse some great gardening pictures.
FigTree commented on 11/06/09