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Fallbrook, Ca 92028
USDA hardiness zone 9A

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October 31, 2009

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I am a first time vegetable gardner. I have been bending ears of everyone I can to learn about soil, fertilizers, when to plant what. I have a raised bed that has been sitting for years just waiting for me to get going. I have been adding soil amendments all along the the worms are happy as can be. I just planted califlower, snap peas, five differant kinds of lettuce, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, some herbs, peppers red/green Trying one eggplant for fun. Some experimental carrots that I bought from a man who grows and brings his stuff to our Farmers Market on Sundays. He had tons of hints for me. The carrots are a mixed bag....small and various colors, red, yellow, purple, orange. So, we will see how green my thumb actually is. He also gave me a tio to plant alfalfa in a corner and said that the bugs love it good and bad, therefore they fight over it and stay away from your veggies...I will keep you updated on that. I just saw today that the seeds are just showing a big of their faces. I am trying not to be anxious but ! ha! We have quite a few fruit trees . Two types of oranges, tangerine, Fuji Apple, Plum, Necturine, two types of peach, pear, Meyer lemons, Persimmon, Avacados (are you gettng jelous yet) Pomagranete, and I planted a blueberry bush that we actally got a nice little crop out of this year. My neighbor planted a rasberry bush to which grows along our fence likne so we were able to reap some of that (he said okay) It is a very busy garden and so much fun. This looks like a fun site. Pam

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laughing because the rabbits can't get in....ha!

garden wall

Hi, I live in Corona, CA. So my climate is the same. Your land is a little rockier. I'm starting a new veggie garden. I had great success with my tomatoes and squash this year. And the Cuccombers although didn't last long because of mildew were the best ever tasted. Did not do well with eggplant. Also planted a pomagranete last year. No buds yet. You might want to try a pink lady apple. The one I got was bred in the Middled east, (loves our heat), great taste sweet and tart. Like a Mac Intosh. Do you have a big problem with ants. Mine seam to take over the hotter it gets. Drives me mad. If so what have you tried to get rid of them?
Tess commented on 11/19/09
My goodness- look at you up on that horse! What a sassy lady you are. Can't wait to see your progress.
HeartOfTexas commented on 11/10/09
Hello, well that horse Wiley is not mine but I have two of my own. Both Paints. One is brown and white and the other black and white. That was a trip a bunch of cowgirls took to White Stallion Ranch in Tuscon Arizona. We had such a great time. If you like I will post photos of my guys, Bounce and Jake. I unfortunatly am having shoulder surgery tomorrow and have not been able to ride in quite a while while they, the insurance company and many doctors figured out what was wrong. One reason the garden started as I can do things at my waist level. So, a good thing came out of it! I cannot believe how darn fast these vegetables are growing! I have been gardening for a long while but not with veggies. This is new to me. So, each day my mouth drops when I go up and see the progress. God is good! Thanks for your nice note, I am so enjoying this site. The people are so darn "down in the dirt" if you know what I mean.
Thyme replied: on 11/10/09
Oh- can't wait to see more stuff- I am a beginner too. My black thumb just rules my little garden, but I get inspired by other! Thanks.
Seedling commented on 11/10/09
Hello, thank you for your note. I was up in the garden this morning and to my surprise!!! the seeds have bore their presence! Big smiles....the spinach & alfalfa ( for bug control). So much more fun to see the seeds than the ones I planted from small pots. The seeds have been in the ground for two weeks. I have a few tomatoes that are turning red. I feel like a kid at a candy store. I will post as things progress. I am really enjoying this site. Collards and beets... I very much enjoy beets in salads. Good luck this time.
Thyme commented on 11/03/09
Can't wait to hear about your veggies! I am trying collards and mustard greens for the first time and hope to plant some beets (second attempt....) Upload some photos as things start to grow!
gardengirl commented on 11/03/09
Welcome to DTD! We are super happy you decided to join us especially with such an amazing raised bed- looks like it is ready for you to go crazy. Hope you like the site and please feel free to come to visit me and ask any questions you need, or something that isn't here that you would like. If you would like to start a blog, you can go to "contributions" upload pictures and chat about your garden, dog or anything you like. We have lots and lots of great gardeners here that are more that happy to help! Just ask :)
FigTree commented on 11/01/09
Hello, and thank your for the nice welcome! This looks like a fun site and I will be happy for anyone to give me advice when veggies strart to show their faces! I am really looking forward to this adventure how ever it goes......trial and error I am sure. Thank you again.
Thyme replied: on 11/01/09