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Siegelgirl (Alyssa Siegel)

Member since: October 28, 2009



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Brooklyn, Ny 11216
USDA hardiness zone 6B


Alyssa Siegel

Member since:

October 28, 2009

About me

I am a Brooklyn gardener who loves native plants, organic gardening, trees, houseplants - pretty much plants of all kinds. I am currently earning my horticulture degree at the New York Botanic Garden. I will graduate in March and then I hope to land a job at a nursery or public garden. I plan to move to Connecticut or Eastern Long Island so I can have a little space of my own to garden in and be more surrounded by trees than buildings!

Favorite garden activity

Propagating, Weeding, Learning Plant Names and Info, Planting - I like everything as long as the tasks are varied and I don't do any one thing all the time.

garden wall

What is that? Puffball?
INGrandad commented on 10/31/09
I don't know actually!
Siegelgirl replied: on 11/18/09
Certainly looks like a puffball. Did it dry out to a brown husk that when touched or handled ot kicked put out a dust? They show up around here, northern Indiana, in late August, early September, after a soaking rain. Quite edible, as long as when cut it's white throughout, now yellowing showing. Slice thin, dust with flour, saute. About one a year is enough for me, though.
INGrandad replied: on 11/19/09 Ha, look at their photo then yours.
INGrandad replied: on 11/19/09
Yeah, that picture does look awfully similar!
Siegelgirl replied: on 11/20/09
Hey there siegelgirl... thanks for coming to DTD! Welcome :) We love having you here and can't wait to see all of your pictures of your garden and things you're working on. What else are we gonna do this winter?
FigTree commented on 10/29/09