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Vero beach, Fl 32960
USDA hardiness zone 9B

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April 26, 2010

About me

Master Gardener living in Florida on two and a half acres with ponds and ducks and dogs! Little dogs that do not chase ducks!Hubby and I enjoy sharing the fun with 7 grandkids and various neighbor kids.Butterfly, herb, wildlife, and other various gardens are some of what we have created.

Current project

a whimsical cottage garden

Type of gardener

Master Gardener who loves teaching vermicomposting and other aspects of gentle gardening.

Favorite garden activity

garden tours

garden wall

Hi lily. I use to live in PSL and have family and friends there. We do a garden swap and picnic with internet buddies once a year.We just had it in May so maybe next year you can come.My red wigglers are doing well.I usually keep them in the garage but am seeing if they do well in the shade this summer. <br/>
blondeponder commented on 06/17/10
I would love some insight on vermicompost too! I&#x27;m close by in St. Lucie Co. Its so great to meet another gardener in zone 9B!!
Lily commented on 06/17/10
Hi! I would love to hear about vermicomposting! Sounds intense....
Seedling commented on 04/26/10
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FigTree commented on 04/26/10