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Gustavo Motta

Member since: October 26, 2009



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Member since:

October 26, 2009

About me

I am a Brazilian teacher of geography. In my school I develop one project of agroecology, agroflorestry, permaculture and education.

Current project

garden wall

Hi Gustavo- so glad you made it here, and I know you say your english isn't great, but beautiful flowers translate perfectly! If you want to post anything just go to "contributions" and create a new contribution.
FigTree commented on 10/26/09
Welcome Gustavo Motta! Your blog is great... we'd love to have you keep a version of it on DigtheDirt... we're really trying to learn and connect with the world wide gardening community here!
chief cultivator commented on 10/26/09
Hey Gustavo! I love your blog...the kids seem really interested in the projects and everyone looks like they're having fun!! My only problem is that I don't know Spanish! LOL Now I'll have to learn! :)
Lily commented on 10/26/09
Lily, this is Portuguese, though very similar to Spanish. If you double-click the "translate" button on the Google toolbar, it will automatically translate to English for you.
Daylilyjoy replied: on 10/26/09
Thanks, DLJ! I'll check it out!
Lily replied: on 10/26/09