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GardenDreamer (Georgie Kennedy)

Member since: October 24, 2009



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Georgie Kennedy

Member since:

October 24, 2009

About me

Passionate about all plants. I garden in Canada and Jamaica. How's that for extremes? I write about, photograph and design gardens. I'm a Master Gardener who loves free flowing gardens.

Current project

Working on my website, soon to be announced! Big upcoming project is to organize garden tours of JAMAICA: the unkown, the secret, the surprise gardens!

Favorite garden activity

Moving things around.

garden wall

please add me to your Jamaica gardens mailing list, sounds luscious! <br/>cajunbarry
cajunbarry commented on 10/28/09
Hey GD! Are you from Jamaica or just winter there for fun? The islands are so beautiful...looking forward to your gardens there!
Lily commented on 10/26/09
Thank you, Chief cultivator and Fig Tree. CC, we met in Raleigh, and I took a few of your cards and handed them out to anywone who would take one. I hope to get into the swing of things here and make lots of contributions. Right now, it is time to mulch the garden and get packing for winter int he tropics.
GardenDreamer commented on 10/26/09
OK and I will write more slowly in the future and check all my spelling.
GardenDreamer replied: on 10/26/09
hey gardendreamer- so glad you&#x27;re here! I also cannot wait to hear about gardens in Jamaica- I have never been, but hear it is beautiful-- tropicals galore...
FigTree commented on 10/26/09
Glad you made your way to DigtheDirt!! Can&#x27;t wait to hear more about gardening in Jamaica! Garden tours there sounds amazing, especially as winter descends on the Pacific Northwest...
chief cultivator commented on 10/26/09