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Karen Weir-Jimerson

Member since: January 28, 2009


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Woodward, Ia 50276
USDA hardiness zone 5A

Member since:

January 28, 2009

About me

I grow everything! Vegetables, herbs, roses, perennials, annuals, tropicals (even in Iowa). I'm also a garden writer. My new book, Gardening Made Easy, is just out. Check it out:

Current project

I'm working on overwintering my shrub-size rosemary plants in the house (dicey, I know). And I'm so sitting on my green writing couch with laptop and working on articles this month for spring issues of Country Gardens (I write a column), Better Homes and Gardens, Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living and Outdoor Rooms.

Type of gardener

Eclectic--a little bit of country, a little formal, lots of plants!

Favorite garden activity

Weeding--it imposes order over the universe.

garden wall

Hey Karen, How are you guys? Spring is in full swing here in Seattle! You need to visit!!
chief cultivator commented on 03/06/10
Hey Countrygirl... you can change your screen name too of you want :-)
chief cultivator commented on 10/07/09
Countrygirl, <br/> Barry Landry in Austin here... might this be the proprietress of Cat Crossing Farm? If so, check this out, it reminded me of you guys. It is Cilgwyn Lodge in Carmarthenshire, England featured in this month&#x27;s The English Garden magazine. Looks alot like Iowa to me, as I recall... <br/>tell everybody &#x27;hi&#x27; for me! <br/>Otherwise, happy gardening! <br/>Barry Appleseed
cajunbarry commented on 09/22/09