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pickinslim (CJ Hincy)

Member since: October 21, 2009



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Montgomery, Al 36104
USDA hardiness zone 8A


CJ Hincy

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October 21, 2009

garden wall

Hey, CJ! I'm in SE FL, zone 9b...I think you're zone 8, correct? I love the tropicals...I've only been able to plant them for the last 4-5 years since we relocated from the Chicago area. It's so fun learning to garden all over again, in a new region! Can't wait to see your gardens!!!
Lily commented on 10/22/09
Lily, I apologize for my delinquent response. I've been waiting on quite a good bit of my garden to mature a little. Yep, I'm in Zone 8 and I need a recommendation for a flowering ground cover that gets a lot of shade with some late afternoon sun. I hope you're doing well. CJH
pickinslim replied: on 08/17/10
No worries! I checked out flowering ground covers for zone 8...I found a website can search by zone and plant type. They have a lot listed. Also, what about Sedum Florida Friendly Gold? It thrives in my garden. Let me know what you choose!
Lily replied: on 08/17/10
Will do. I was checkin a few out on and I found several that I think will thrive. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to design what I'm doing. I have a side porch that I've framed (for privacy) with Ligustrum that I trim similar to Crepe Myrtles. Once they've grown to a desirable height, I wanted to plant something underneath to add some color and definition that pine straw doesn't provide. My house is lined with boxwoods on both sides of the porch and isn't framed with any pavers, so I'm trying to plant something that won't disrupt the existing design (or lack thereof). I'll take some pictures as it appears now and post to solicit suggestions.
pickinslim replied: on 08/19/10