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kellecs (callie hincy)

Member since: October 21, 2009



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Montgomery, Al 36104
USDA hardiness zone 8A


callie hincy

Member since:

October 21, 2009

About me

I am not so much the gardner as I am married to one. I love to plant seasonally, my husband on the other hand landscapes year round almost.

Current project

we are currently cleaning up the last of negleted areas around our house, we are planting carolina jasmine and azeleas (sp?)

Type of gardener

seasonal novice

Favorite garden activity

Planting flowers in the Spring

garden wall

Hey Cals! So glad you're here! make sure to get your husband to upload some photos and he will get lots of feedback! Check out all my blog posts I am "figtree". xo
FigTree commented on 10/22/09
Hey, Callie!!! I LOVE Carolina Jasmine! Just waiting for mine to bloom. Last year it gave me fantastic flowers from December through April!!!
Lily commented on 10/22/09