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Issaquah, Wa 98029
USDA hardiness zone 7B

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October 21, 2009

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I can't grow much, but would love to learn and would love ask questions about what is in my garden and back yard.

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garden wall

welcome i just joined myself. daisyduke does that mean you are a hazard in the garden. i am in the process of completeing the native plant stewardship program. The only cost is a $25.00 membership in the native plant society and your travel expenses. there is a new class starting next spring. You receive about 100 hours of classroom training and have to commit to 100 hours of community service. this is completed by being part of a team in your city that is assigned a plot of city land. The team restores and manages for one year. It is a lot of fun and you learn a tremendous amount from a lot of local experts.
lawence1946 commented on 08/25/10
hi daisyduke! welcome to DTD... you have come to the right place. We have some serious gardeners here that know a ton about plants. Share pics of your garden as great or as yucky as it is and you will get lots of tips. Check out &quot;Tulip Guy&quot; he is a tulip grower and he can point you in the right direction of where to buy tulip bulbs- great for planting right now... and easy as pie. <br/> <br/>PS: love the bird!
FigTree commented on 10/21/09