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Butler, In 46721
USDA hardiness zone 5B

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October 20, 2009

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Work too much, play too little.

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Nothing thankfully. Finished up overhauling the garden, the dogs and I are just waiting for bird season.

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garden wall

Thanks very much! I'm in Indy and I don't notice much but on the Asiatic lilies, says they'll withstand up to 50 below. I had a few hostas planted a few years ago, in ground--and they not only survived but flourished like mad so...I may end up cutting everything back to a couple inches above ground and, like you, cover it with straw or mulch, and hope for the best. Thank you again for your response and suggestions.
leigh commented on 05/22/11
INGrandad, a question please? USDA zones--apply ONLY to in-ground planting? I'm not from here, and I'm still learning. Thanks...leigh
leigh commented on 05/21/11
hope you can join my group! all about vegetable gardens and what to do with them once it's time to eat :)
You are on our front page! Check it out...
dig the dirt editor commented on 11/17/09
Hey INGrandad- we haven't seen you in a while! Wondering how that garden is doing...?
FigTree commented on 11/10/09
I've dropped in a few times to look around, just haven't had much to say. THe gearden is officially defunct until at least late March. Added a coat of chopped leaves to a couple of the beds, and they're down fo rthe winter.
INGrandad replied: on 11/11/09
Please join our group &quot;Deer are cute but they destroy&quot; <br/> <br/>You can find this group by clicking on &quot;gardeners&quot; and searching &quot;Deer are cute but they destroy&quot; in the search box. <br/> <br/>I think you might have a lot of advice!
FigTree commented on 10/28/09
Huh, copied and pasted, with and wothout the ", came up with nothing. Copy and paste me a direct link. THanks, I'll take a peek. Personally, deer are only cute from afar, and growing up on a farm, and having two places with mini-orchards, I know how freakin' destructive they can be. Most folks don't like the solution; population control. I don't hunt them, don't care for the flavor, but I've never said no to anyone that wants to hunt from my woods.
INGrandad replied: on 10/28/09
that's hilarious- my mom says they could be the solution to climate change. let's eat venison instead of cows and then we'll have plants and no cow CO2! :) JK. please no one take me seriously...
FigTree replied: on 10/29/09
here is the link... we're fixing the "groups" on DTD :) try and be patient they'll be awesome....
FigTree replied: on 10/29/09
Hi, INGrandad! I&#x27;m a native midwesterner, having lived in the NW Chicago suburbs for the last 20 years after graduating from Purdue University and S Decatur HS in Decatur Co (SE IN). I moved to SE Florida almost 5 years ago, and really love it! I&#x27;m learning gardening all over again! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your garden/orchards!!
Lily commented on 10/21/09
It always amazed me, gardens in FL that is. A buddy of mine at one time had several properties in Miami and some int he Keys. I'd go down and we'd work like the devil on them for a couple of days, then take a day off and go fishing. His backyard was like a jungle, but there was an avacado tree in the front yard. Used to love that thing, climb up and toss them down to him. He sold thema few years back, sure miss those times wading around on the flats.
INGrandad replied: on 10/22/09