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TulipMan (jeroen koeman)

Member since: October 19, 2009


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Brightwood, Va 22715
USDA hardiness zone 6B


jeroen koeman

Member since:

October 19, 2009

About me

My name is Jeroen Koeman, 28 years old and grow up on a tulip farm in Holland. I am the owner of EcoTulips. EcoTulips is a family business specializing in organic tulips. Tulips are beautiful ,popular flowers and we hope that everyone will consider purchasing our pesticide-free tulip bulbs. Our goal is to promote positive change in the flower bulb industry. EcoTulips focuses on quality and invests in environmentally friendly products. We give our customers the opportunity to know how and where the tulips are grown, because it is important for us that our customers feel good about the fact that our tulips are grown with respect for nature and environment. These days it is important to know your farmer! Check out my blog and learn all about our organic tulips!

Current project

Planting 60,000 tulips for our next Pick your Own Organic Tulip Festival! See pictures of last year at

Type of gardener

Organic flower bulb gardener

Favorite garden activity

Pick flowers

garden wall

Love the pictures from the tulip festival! Thank you for sharing :) <br/>Sandra :)
sanandreyas70 commented on 05/24/11
Congratulations! Your newest post has been selected to be one of our featured posts that will live on our new homepage! Go Tulipman!!
FigTree commented on 02/17/10
Thanks! How are your tulips doing? I see it is pretty warm in Mercer Island, you might have blooming tulips in a month or so!
TulipMan replied: on 02/17/10
Haven't bloomed yet- about 3 inches high!!!! Just started coming up! YAY!!!!
FigTree replied: on 02/17/10
Just got my shipment of Eco Tulips! Awesome packaging in the egg crates :-) Everything looks superb. Thanks!
chief cultivator commented on 10/29/09
Thanks for the complement about the packaging! Bulbs don't like to be damaged; the recycled egg carton gives a perfect protection and is an easy way to pre-cool you bulbs in your fridge!
TulipMan replied: on 10/29/09
Hey Jeroen, can you post a little tutorial on pre-cooling tulip bulbs on the site? I'm thinking maybe I'll try to force some of these instead of waiting until March :-)
chief cultivator replied: on 10/29/09
Hi Tulips dud- Just bought your 60 bulb special!! Can&#x27;t wait to get them in the ground.
FigTree commented on 10/23/09
sorry- I was trying to type tulip dude... not dud!
FigTree replied: on 10/23/09
in the ground? You can eat organic tulip bulbs you know...
TulipMan replied: on 10/23/09
love that- are they good?
FigTree replied: on 10/23/09
we need a recipe!!
FigTree replied: on 10/23/09
Hey, Tulipman! Your garden photos are WONDERFUL!! Congrats on your wedding!
Lily commented on 10/22/09
Welcome to The Dirt Jeroen! Your business sounds like it is right on track with the times, and I can&#x27;t wait to learn more. Just ordered Ninja and Rose of Apeldoorn! Can&#x27;t wait until Spring to see them come up. Hey, at some point let&#x27;s talk pre-chilled for forcing... We used to have a product line called Bulblings that would be awesome for you guys to do!
chief cultivator commented on 10/21/09
Hi Chief cultivator, I am very glad to join The Dirt! Thanks for your order! Bulblings is a great idea and perfect for gardeners like Daylilyjoy. With pre-chilled potted tulips everybody can enjoy/grow tulips!
TulipMan replied: on 10/21/09
What a great way to grow up! Congratulations on your marriage! I love tulips. Wish we could grow them down here.
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/20/09
Hi Daylily, May I ask where you live? You can enjoy tulips everywhere! When you live down in South Florida it is getting difficult, but it is not a mission impossible.... If you want I can help you with some blooming tulips! The trick is to buy pre-cooled tulips and "Force" them to bloom. You can grow them even in your living room!
TulipMan replied: on 10/20/09
We do in fact live in Florida--just south of the center of the peninsula. We are Cold Hardiness Zone 9 and Heat Zone 11. My garden is actually filled with Zone 10 plants. It is rare if it falls below 32 degrees here. I used to plant tulip bulbs every year in my garden in Atlanta. They always bloomed and looked gorgeous that first spring, but instead of multiplying, there were fewer and fewer each subsequent year. I thought maybe Atlanta was too warm. I'm not one for digging and extra work, and I don't have a spare refrigerator for chilling. The daffodils and crocus were crazy up there.
Daylilyjoy replied: on 10/21/09
So happy to hear that a grower is thinking responsibly. Welcome to DTD- can&#x27;t wait to hear more about you guys.
Seedling commented on 10/20/09
Welcome! I just read about you guys and I am so happy to have you here! Can&#x27;t wait to hear all about your tulips. Please post your website in your profile so that people know where to go to get your tulips.
FigTree commented on 10/20/09
Thanks for your comment!
TulipMan replied: on 10/20/09