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gardengirl (Maggie Tate)

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Austin, Tx 78732
USDA hardiness zone 8B


Maggie Tate

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January 26, 2009

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Texas Coast Beach House

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I love to grow veggies and native plants.

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Planting veggies, mulching, the spring cut and weeding the lawn.

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Eating the produce, and truly, weeding.

garden wall

Good Evening, <br/> <br/>Thank you for answering my question on when to grow. I am very new to gardening. I know that you mentioned the last frost date. I googled it and came up with this, but I am not sure what it means? <br/> <br/>Frost Dates &gt; Beverly, MA 01915 <br/>Last Frost Date (2013): 5/16 <br/> <br/>First Frost Date (2013): 9/29 <br/> <br/>Average Growing Season: &gt;142 days <br/> <br/>USDA Hardiness Zone: 6A <br/> <br/>Also, I went online and looked up zoning for my area, but there are multiples. I love in Beverly MA. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>I guess I am very confused. I know what I want to do, I even got starter kits for many herbs, tomatoes and peppers, but I am not sure when to start them. It says for the peppers, tomatoes and parsley to start 10 weeks early from May. So I should start those now, right?
brianmalaquias commented on 02/27/13
Sorry for the delay! Yes, start those seeds :) Your last frost date is 5/16, so that means you can safely set out the plants at that point without worrying that you will lose them to a cold snap. You may be able to set them out a little before but it can be risky and you might have to cover them to protect if there is a light freeze.
gardengirl replied: on 03/21/13
Good luck getting your seeds in! Do you use a heat mat to help germinate them?
gardengirl commented on 02/19/11
I guess I am spoiled in Louisiana. I have eight acres to choose from. My biggest problem is the trees. I have about 150 oak trees to dodge. I hope to get my seeds all in cell packs before I leave Sunday. I think I can get my garden beds finished when I get back and get my corn in the ground. I look forward to seeing your garden. You can grow a ton in an 8x11 area.
photoclark commented on 02/19/11
So how big a garden do you guys have? I have rekindled my vegetable gardening spark this year. I have tilled a 30x50 that i am going to put in sweet corn. i am working on another huge bed for my other plants. It will be tough as I travel for my real job a lot, but I am putting in auto timers and soaker hose to help while I am gone. I would love to see photos when you get it planted.
photoclark commented on 02/19/11
It's not nearly that big! We live on a hill and have to have Ft Knox to keep the squirrels and their wild compadres out. So, it's about 8 X 11 with a little pathway in the middle. Totally enclosed. If I had to rely on my garden for food, i would starve! I have photos documenting the process of remaking it. It's basically finished but there's some clean up work to do and I haven't taken the final photo yet. I hope to get an entry about the redoing the structure in the next few days. Stay tuned!
gardengirl replied: on 02/19/11
Hey, <br/>Thanks for commenting on my photos. I grew up about two hours from Austin in a little town called San Saba. I went over to the area this summer and fall, and it has really been hit with the &quot;dry&quot;. If you ever go by that way, you should meander through the Mill Pond Park. My uncle is the head groundsman there and he has done a lot of hardscaping and planting. tells a ittle about the history of the park. It was originally established to help water the founder&#x27;s garden.
photoclark commented on 02/18/11
Hi! Thanks for the note about San Saba - yes, the "dry" has been terrible. Mill Pond Park sounds lovely and what an interesting story about how it started. Thanks!
gardengirl replied: on 02/18/11
Hi! <br/>Posted my pic of the remains of the mighty red oak! Hope you enjoy it!
safeharbor commented on 05/24/10
Terrific - I will check it out!
gardengirl replied: on 05/24/10
In responce to your message, and question about my profile pic. I didn&#x27;t make it. Found the picture and it reminded me of one I had years ago. I just love it.
Karen Phipps commented on 04/17/10
Thanks! It's a great picture!
gardengirl replied: on 04/19/10
I&#x27;m digging your blog! Keep it coming.
in the weeds commented on 03/05/10
You are too kind! :)
gardengirl replied: on 03/05/10
Hi, just checking you out !! thanks for commenting on my blog and making me feel welcome. <br/> <br/>Karman
Karman commented on 02/24/10
You are welcome!!
gardengirl replied: on 02/24/10
Hello, in answer to your question the wire cage lifts off. It is a bit large but we live on four acres and the bunnies are wild! Hence prison for my veggies..ha! So far the weeds have been hiding and I can water and fertilize without taking it off, but I do have help if needed. Have you heard of planting alfalfa to keep the bugs away? I planted seeds, recommended by one of our farmers market vendors. I will keep you all posted if it works. He said the good bugs/bad bugs fight it out on this grass. When it gets tall , cut it back and start again. Sounds to simple..... being a first time veggie gardner I am trying anything. I am like a sponge right now learning all that I can. Thanks for your comment.
Thyme commented on 11/03/09
sorry for the previous epistle length message, but plants get me excited ;-)
cajunbarry commented on 07/16/09
Hey GG, <br/> Glad you like the pic. I planted the individual plants myself at the Stratford Drive home three years ago. Sedums and Graptopetalums are so easy to grow here. I collected some small-leaved sedums on old riverside drive years ago that I call &quot;Old Riverside&quot; stonecrop. The problem with that one is it tends to &quot;migrate&quot; away from where it is planted and finally poops out. Another part of that garden has a maidenhair-plugged honeycomb rock wall. It is in the shade and has a constant veil of water bathing it. <br/> I am presently planting a wall at an estate on Lake Austin with lots of sedums, a few vines and maidenhair ferns. I should have good pics of that once we are finished and it bounds... <br/> It looks like you, &quot;in the weeds&quot; and I need to start an Austin Dig The Dirt community, no? <br/>I live in the newly labeled SoLa District of Austin, which used to be called &quot;Bubbaland&quot;...someone needs to keep the torch burning for old weird 78704 ;-) <br/> I&#x27;ll tell ya, hot peppers are booking right now in this heat, tomatoes...not so much. It is interesting to see true survival plants in this Hades-ish heat such as Leucophyllums, which you very well know. I have seen burned mature yuccas, agaves and cacti -- now you know that&#x27;s HOT. I am vowing to get out of the heat by noon as a daily rule... <br/>
cajunbarry commented on 07/16/09
I love the pic. Do you have any gallery pictures yet?
in the weeds commented on 06/04/09