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Jackson & Perkins



Grower / Plant Supplier

Name: Jackson & Perkins


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April 25, 2013


Jackson & Perkins was founded in 1872, when Charles Perkins, with the financial backing of his father-in-law, A.E. Jackson, started up a modest enterprise wholesaling strawberries and grape plants from a farm in Newark, N.Y. He also sold directly to local customers who stopped by the farm.


Jackson & Perkins Today<

By the mid-1960s, the company had outgrown its Newark facility, and various operations were relocated. After a brief period of time in Pleasanton, Calif., the growing operation found a home in California's San Joaquin Valley, north of Bakersfield. Relocation followed the 1966 acquisition of the company by Harry and David®, the nation's leading fruit gift company. Roses instantly took to the deep Hesperia loam soil, abundant water supply and the 260-day growing season of Wasco. Under these ideal conditions, Jackson & Perkins cultivates more than 5,000 acres of rose fields. Each year horticulturists bud, grow and harvest more than 10 million plants.

The Jackson & Perkins research center is just outside Somis, Calif., near the coast. A dedicated hybridizing staff, under the direction of Dr. Keith Zary, combines tradition with the latest technology to create novel roses for customers around the world. Each year, between 300,000 and 400,000 seedlings are grown and evaluated at the research facility. Seven to 10 years of hybridizing work at the research complex results in only a handful of the best and hardiest new varieties being named and introduced.

Today, Jackson & Perkins is a full-service nursery offering all kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs, ground coverings, bulbs, decorative garden gifts, tools, garden accessories, plant care products and, of course roses. Over 2 million roses and other plants are shipped to customers every year.