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Full Bloom Farm

Lummi Island, WA



Grower / Plant Supplier

Name: Full Bloom Farm


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Phone: (360) 758-7173


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March 23, 2010


Full Bloom Farm is located on Lummi Island, near Bellingham, Washington. It is owned and run by Elisabeth and Mark Marshall, who have lived on the island for 21 years. The 14 acre farm includes a pond, an orchard, a flock of chickens for fresh eggs and a vegetable garden.


At Full Bloom Farm we grow Peonies the old-fashioned way. We use no pesticides or herbicides, the digging is done carefully, by hand, not by machine, and the 3-5 eye divisions are lovingly handled and carefully packed for mailing, one at a time. We never store our peonies in coolers. They are dug and sent to you immediately. Our peonies are vigorous, disease free, and toxin free. We grow many more varieties than we advertise each year. If you don't find what you are looking for in the catalog, call us — we may have what you seek or we may offer it next year. It is worth waiting for a truly healthy plant that will bring you many years of glorious beauty.

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