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Lewis Bamboo



Grower / Plant Supplier

Name: Lewis Bamboo


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Phone: 1-877-RZN-CANE


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March 08, 2010


Bamboo Nursery providing cold hardy bamboo plants to add tropical beauty to any landscape, provide evergreen privacy screens, and put ornamental bamboo in your garden.



Nursery dedicated to bamboo, bamboo related products and information. Bamboo has a variety of applications. It is a woody plant that can replenish itself quickly. It can be used for anything timber can be used for. Some uses are lumber, paper, paper products (cups and plates), fiber for clothing, reinforcement in concrete, etc. It is also desirable it its natural state for privacy plants or harvested poles.

Bamboo also provides a higher rate of exchange of carbon dioxide than trees. Bamboo is a great resource for a world wanting to take a green approach to products that it consumes. Investment in bamboo is our specialty and it is worth the time and effort to help establish quickly renewable resources that also help benefit the environment with better carbon exchange.