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Antique Rose Emporium



Grower / Plant Supplier

Name: Antique Rose Emporium


Blog url:

Phone: 800-441-0002

Fax: 979-836-0928

Professional profile since:

February 11, 2010


Antique Rose Emporium is the best source for anyone looking for antique and old garden roses. We have two retail display gardens in Texas and also offer mail order roses throughout the continental United States and wholesale for Texas retailers.


We are located at:

7561 East Evans Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78266

Please visit our website for more information!


Our roses  are sold as two gallon plants, or own root and all are:

  • vigorous
  • easy to grow
  • fragrant
  • long-lived

garden wall

I have been to the display on Evans Rd. Being a San Antonio resident for 30 years I found out about the "ARE" from my hair stylist. This is a little known sight for natives. The roses are breathtaking and the other plants are nicely displayed. I recently purchased a second 'Chrysler Imperial' that is deep red and very fragrant. Also bought some columbines and a dark red geranium. 'ARE' also have a beautiful area for weddings with all the fragrants and beauty of their own plants & vines. I highly recommend at least ordering a catalogue.
dianemerget commented on 04/07/12