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Eco Tulips



Grower / Plant Supplier

Name: Eco Tulips


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Phone: 434.242.6369


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October 21, 2009


Our mission is to create a demand for organic bulbs by giving people the opportunity to experience the amazing quality of organic tulips in their own garden. By increasing demand we hope that more and more conventional growers will turn towards organic growing practices.



Jeroen Koeman, co-founder of EcoTulips was born with a passion for tulips; he has been active in the tulip business all his life having grown up in Holland in a real “Dutch Tulip family”. As a young adult he worked on the farm alongside his father and brothers gathering the wisdom to become the tulip expert he is today.

After his studies Jeroen acted as a farm manager in Holland and then went on to consult for several large tulip growers in the United States.

His years of experience and practical knowledge is the strong foundation behind Ecotulips.

We continue to look for innovative solutions to meet our clients' needs and to make our business more sustainable, we hope EcoTulips becomes a means for you to do the same!