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Modern Roses: Rosa 'Sally Holmes'

Botanical name: Rosa 'Sally Holmes'

Common name: Sally Holmes Rose

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Photo credit: Rhensrude
Modern Roses: Rosa 'Sally Holmes'
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Everett, Wa

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 4a thru 9b

bee attracting

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description for "Modern Roses: Rosa 'Sally Holmes'"

The Sally Holmes rose is one of my favorites. The single flowers start as a soft coral pink bud that blooms white with yellow stamens. The flowers can take on pink tones as temperatures cool down in the late summer. Each flower can be up to five inches wide. Each stem can have many clusters of flowers that look like a large wedding bouquet. It is a shrub rose that grows six to eight feet wide and tall. Unlike most roses, this rose does well in less than full sun locations. Place it where it can receive morning sun. It has a slight fragrance. In early spring, practice the 3 D’s of pruning by pruning out any dead, diseased or damaged wood. It blooms on new wood. Keep it deadheaded throughout the summer and it will reward you with repeat blooms. Work in a couple of applications of alfalfa meal in the early spring and mid-summer. Sally Holmes is an easy care rose. It is resistant to common rose diseases like mildew and black spot. Its dark green foliage does not attract aphids. Sally Holmes is versatile in the garden. Although it can grow to be a substantial shrub, it can also be trained as a climber. It will attract the attention of your garden visitors and beautify your home with its bouquets all summer.


Sally Holmes was developed by an amateur hybridizer, Robert A. Holmes, of Cheshire, England. He introduced it in 1976 and named it for his wife. It is a cross between the floribunda ‘Ivory Crossing’ with the hybrid musk rose ‘Ballerina.’ Unfortunately, Mr. Holmes didn’t obtain a patent for the rose to receive royalties and didn’t live to see his rose become an award winning classic.

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