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Poppies: Papaver somniferum 'Pepperbox'

Botanical name: Papaver somniferum 'Pepperbox'

Common name: hungarian breadseed poppy

also known as (opium poppy, balewort, carnation poppy, dream plant, fairy's charms, flower of venus, joan silver pin, john's silver pin, marble flower, maw seed, moonflower, opium, peony poppy, sweet slumber, white poppy)

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Photo credit: Renee's Garden
Poppies: Papaver somniferum 'Pepperbox'
Poppies: Papaver somniferum 'Pepperbox'
created by:
Renee's Garden

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Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 7a thru 10b


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description for "Poppies: Papaver somniferum 'Pepperbox'"

Growing these old-fashioned poppies offers triple rewards: glorious flowers, handsome pods and nutty[tasting seeds from the same ornamental plants. Gray-green 'Pepperbox' plants send up nodding stems of large papery-textured blossoms in rich purple, vivid red and pale lilac-pink, all with dark center blotches. After the petals drop, their big pods swell as the blue-black seeds mature. Harvest when dry, shake out the tasty seeds for cooking and baking and keep the pods for beautiful decorations. Open a fully formed seed capsule to make sure the tiny seeds are black and hard, then cut seed pods stalks with long stems. Bunch pods upside down in a paper bag to dry fully, leaving it open for air circulation. When seeds are thoroughly dry, shake them out, clean any debris from seeds, and store in a closed jar or freeze. Toasted poppy seeds' nutty flavor enhances both sweet and savory breads, cakes and cookies and is delicious in salad dressing. - edited by dtd pbcouchman

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