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Perennials: Scabiosa atropurpurea

Botanical name: Scabiosa atropurpurea

Common name: grandmother's pincushion

also known as (sweet scabious, egyptian-rose, mournful widow, mourning bride, pincushions, widow's flower)

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Photo credit: Renee's Garden
Perennials: Scabiosa atropurpurea
Perennials: Scabiosa atropurpurea
created by:
Renee's Garden

at a glance

Soil: damp, alkaline, sand
Zones: 8a thru 10b
short-lived perennial

butterfly attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Perennials: Scabiosa atropurpurea"

Cottage garden favorites since the colonial era, Scabiosa's tightly closed buds look like Victorian brooches which unfold into densely petaled, frilly centered flowers. Perfect for sunny borders, these long-stemmed 2 to 3 inch "pincushion" flowers attract Monarch, Fritillary and Skipper butterflies throughout the summer. This premium Dutch selection is more upright in habit and contains all the best old-fashioned colors including deep crimson, mulberry, soft salmon, rose pink, lilac and white. Plant in early spring to get sturdy plants that will flower throughout the summer and fall. Curving stems are part of this plant's character, although this species is more upright than others. Support growing plants for best display and to make cutting the lovely flowers easier. Cut often for bouquets and to produce more blossoms. In mild winter areas, they are a short-lived perennial and will winter over to bloom a second season. - edited by dtd pbcouchman

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