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Phlox: Phlox drummondii 'Dutch Tapestry'

Botanical name: Phlox drummondii 'Dutch Tapestry'

Common name: annual phlox

also known as (annual dwarf phlox, drummond's phlox, pride-of-Texas, Texan pride, Texas pride)

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Photo credit: Renee's Garden
Phlox: Phlox drummondii 'Dutch Tapestry'
Phlox: Phlox drummondii 'Dutch Tapestry'
created by:
Renee's Garden

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 4a thru 10b

butterfly attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Phlox: Phlox drummondii 'Dutch Tapestry'"

An exceptional new variety from Holland, 'Dutch Tapestry' annual phlox's heat-tolerant little star shaped flowers naturally arrange themselves in clustered color patterns. The delicately fragrant blossoms are beautifully balanced in soft clear shades of lilac, pink, rose, cerise, geranium, chamois, vanilla and white, many with tinted eyes or picotee edges - a true tapestry of sweet color and form. The vigorous plants offer a free blooming 1 to 2 foot tall carpet of meadowsweet blossoms all season. Annual phlox grows easily in ordinary garden soil in full sun. If sown in place, thin plants before they get crowded; adequate spacing and regular even watering help keep them productive and disease free. Seedlings grow somewhat slowly at first, but once established, make sturdy, long-blooming garden performers that tolerate hot weather and often blossom through the first light frosts. - edited by dtd pbcouchman

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