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Delphiniums: Delphinium 'Blue Mirror'

Botanical name: Delphinium 'Blue Mirror'

Common name: Delphinium

also known as (larkspur, blue candles, dolphin flower, dolphin-lily, dolphin's chariot, Elijah's chariot, lark's claws, lark's heels, rocket)

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Photo credit: Renee's Garden
Delphiniums: Delphinium 'Blue Mirror'
Delphiniums: Delphinium 'Blue Mirror'
created by:
Renee's Garden

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 3a thru 9a
short-lived perennial

deer resistant, rabbit resistant, poisonous, butterfly attracting, hummingbird attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Delphiniums: Delphinium 'Blue Mirror'"

‘Blue Mirror’ delphinium has fine-textured foliage literally covered in sprays of intensely ultramarine blue little trumpet-shaped florets. The compact lacy plants make a lovely display in the garden and for bouquets. First introduced to England in 1818, ‘Blue Mirror’ is easy to care for and is known in its native land of China as “Herb of the Flying Swallow.” While it’s well-known that hummingbirds zero in on red, they also love true blues like this one for supplies of sweet nectar. Sow ‘Blue Mirror’ in early spring for mid-summer flowers the first year, late spring bloom in subsequent years. Plants can handle more summer heat than the traditional delphinium varieties. Patrol for snails and slugs on new leaves and shoots. When each flush of flower finishes, cut stalks back to plant base to encourage reblooming. Water well and fertilize regularly throughout the growing season. Plants will die back and go dormant in winter. Leave dead foliage until early spring so you know where plants are, but cut the dead branches off at first signs of new spring growth. – edited by dtd pbcouchman

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