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Deciduous: Buddleia 'Lavender Buddleia'

Botanical name: Buddleia 'Lavender Buddleia'

Common name: butterly bush

also known as (summer-lilac)

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Photo credit: pbcouchman
Deciduous: Buddleia 'Lavender Buddleia'
Deciduous: Buddleia 'Lavender Buddleia'
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Renee's Garden

at a glance

Soil: damp, alkaline, sand
Zones: 5a thru 9b

invasive, fall interest, bird attracting, butterfly attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Deciduous: Buddleia 'Lavender Buddleia'"

Also called summer-lilacs, these tall flowering shrubs have arching branches with silvery green willow-like leaves. This seed mixture, ‘Lavender Buddleia,’ bears long, gracefully tapering flower spikes with tiny fragrant flower clusters in soft lilac shading to purple. Butterflies literally flock to ‘Lavender Buddleia’ blooms to enjoy the sweet nectar of these handsome plants form late spring to early summer. Spectacular in bloom and rewarding to grow from seed, these classic 5 to 8-foot perennials are garden essentials. They are extremely vigorous and will often bloom the first year from seed if sown early enough. ‘Lavender Buddleia’ can be grown as a fine hedge or as an individual specimen plant. Give plenty of room to grow! Best to deadhead the spent blooms to encourage re-bloom. Always prune Buddleia davidii cultivars back to about 2 feet in late winter to prevent leggy, scraggly growth. Potentially invasive in southern climates. – edited by dtd pbcouchman

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