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Violas: Viola Cornuta, 'Penny™ Azure Wing'

Botanical name: Viola Cornuta, 'Penny™ Azure Wing'

Common name: Viola, Penny™ Azure Wing

also known as (Johnny Jump Up)

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Photo credit: Goldsmith Seeds
Violas: Viola Cornuta, 'Penny™ Azure Wing'
created by:
Goldsmith Seeds

Gilroy, CA

at a glance

Soil: damp, alkaline, sand
Zones: 4a thru 8b

winter interest, fall interest

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description for "Violas: Viola Cornuta, 'Penny™ Azure Wing'"

Penny™ Azure Wing Viola produces blooms of upper petals azure, lower petals white. It is a very popular bedding and container plant. Known for its long blooming season and ease of care, it's a favorite for most gardeners. It thrives in cooler temperatures and is generally available for purchase in early Spring, late Fall and into Winter. It can generally withstand frosts and freezes but does not perform well in direct sun during the Summer months. If used during the Summer months, plant in a shaded area or an area that receives only morning sun. It tends to grow more like a groundcover and at the end of each season can be cut back at the base to stimulate new growth and blooms. It can usually bloom year round in most planting zones.

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