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Tropicals: Brugmansia x cubensis 'Charles Grimaldi'

Botanical name: Brugmansia x cubensis 'Charles Grimaldi'

Common name: angel's trumpet

also known as (Datura)

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Photo credit: cajunbarry
Tropicals: Brugmansia x cubensis 'Charles Grimaldi'
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Austin, Tx

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 10a thru 11a

deer resistant, rabbit resistant, poisonous

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description for "Tropicals: Brugmansia x cubensis 'Charles Grimaldi'"

Angel's trumpet has trumpets of lovely salmon-pink that's a member of a genus of 5 species of shrubs and small trees. Although adoptable to a mixed border in the deep South, it's best grown in a container located on a terrace or patio. Continuous flushes of 6" to 10" trumpet-shaped flowers appear all summer long. Hanging from branches like fluted bells, the blooms heavily perfume the air with their heavenly essence. Although small at the start they grow rapidly, 3' to 4' in the first year, producing stout stems and dark green leaves. Bring them indoors in winter, place them in the basement (out of light and around 50 degrees), watering them only once a month or so. They'll go dormant, but will be ready to resprout vigorously outside come the following spring after all danger of frost. This pictures shows this angel's trumpet blooming in Austin, Texas October, 2009. -- edited by dtd pbcouchman


'Charles Grimaldi' is a cross between 'Doctor Suess' and 'Frosty Pink.'

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I have one of these plants that I have nurtured here in Michigan, which is no small feat. I LOVE mine. It goes dormant or some would say ugly over the long winters here but watching it transform into this amazing blooming bush all summer is worth any "ugly" faze. I have had success taking it out of the pot first part of the season and heavily root pruning it and replacing it back in the pot with fresh soil in the wedges I cut out, what would kill another plant works for this one for me.... (I take out maybe 1/3 -1/2 of the root ball in wedge slices from the top down if I am keeping in the same pot) its a vigorous grower....

All parts of the plant contain extremely hallucinogenic compounds - and not in a good way!

The color on this is beautiful- what part of this flower is poisonous?