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Tropicals: Gloriosa Superba 'Rothschildiana'

Botanical name: Gloriosa Superba 'Rothschildiana'

Common name: Gloriosa Lily, 'Rothschildiana'

also known as (Flame Lily, Climbing Lily)

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Wauchula, Fl

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Soil: damp, alkaline, loam
Zones: 8b thru 11a


poisonous, climber, butterfly attracting, bee attracting, drought tolerant

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description for "Tropicals: Gloriosa Superba 'Rothschildiana'"

Gloriosa Lily 'Rothschildiana' is a cold-tender vine that attaches to a trellis via tendrils on the tips of its pointed leaves. During warm, rainy months, the vine produces 5-inch, inverted, red-and-yellow flowers that have the appearance of flames. The flowers age to a uniform dark pink while still on the plant. New tubers are produced around the original plant every year.


Native to the tropics of Africa.

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OOOOOOOOH....ooooh....oooh--gorgeous! I love the pictures you post, and I especially like this gloriosa lily, another plant that I've wanted to add to our garden. I sure wish we had the warm, rainy months that you get...but, if I look hard enough, I just may be able to find that one right, damp spot in my garden. You've re-inspired me, again!

I love this beautiful vine. It is the only intentionally planted vine in my garden right now, because it is easy to control, and, quite frankly, I am afraid of vines. This is a favorite not just for its odd beauty but because it thrives in our sandy, poor soils and the typical seasons of peninsular Florida--hot, rainy months and cold, dry months. Perfect Florida plant!