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Lotus: Nelumbo nucifera 'Mrs. Perry D Slocum'

Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera 'Mrs. Perry D Slocum'

Common name: Lotus, 'Mrs Perry D. Slocum'

also known as (Sacred Lotus)

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Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: wet, neutral, water
Zones: 4a thru 11a


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description for "Lotus: Nelumbo nucifera 'Mrs. Perry D Slocum'"

The magnificent sacred lotus or Nelumbo, has been revered by man for thousands of years. They are hardy with huge concave leaves and strong stems that hold the blooms well above the water's surface. To ensure maximum potential, lotus require extended hot, sunny weather. 'Mrs. Perry D. Slocum' has magnificent blooms which change color from pink to light yellow from first to third day. After the third day of bloom the petals begin to fall, revealing another development-the strong and distinctive, maturing seedpod. Plants blossom for 6 to 8 weeks especially when summer temperatures are at their warmest. They prefer a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Lotus should be planted in still water with between 2 and 18 inches of water over the soil. They may take 1 to 2 years to establish themselves but once they do, look out. They can be almost impossible to remove from earth-bottom ponds. Flowers of 'Mrs. Perry D. Slocum' are up to 12" across and the plants reach up to 5' tall. Great for medium to large ponds. Hardy to zone 4. Edited by M.Tate

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