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Anemone: Anemone coronaria var. The Bride

Botanical name: Anemone coronaria var. The Bride

Common name: Anemone, The Bride

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chief cultivator

Mercer island, Wa

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 5a thru 9b

poisonous, drought tolerant

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description for "Anemone: Anemone coronaria var. The Bride"

'The Bride' blooms with large single white flowers with a white center. Anemone c. Monarch De Caen Strain--These distinctive petals of these large single flowers of 'The Bride' Windflower resemble ethereal crepe-paper objects d'art. Many varieties boast dark, almost black, poppy-like centers. Zones 5 (with protection) to 9. Poppy Anemones are an exalted group of brilliantly tinted, long-stemmed Anemones used extensively for pot and greenhouse culture and as distinctive specimens for the border. You may recognize their distinctive shapes in the paintings of Rembrandt and other Dutch Masters who combined the flowers brilliant colors with light and shadow, creating some of the worlds most famous works of art. A wholly enchanting group of plants, named from the Syrian word Namaan, which is a cry of lament for Adonis whose blood, the legend goes, fell to earth and became scarlet anemones. All have divided and lobed leaves and sprite, many-petaled flowers. As a group, anemones aren't too particular about soil type. Some prefer light shade for at least a part of the day.

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