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Lilies: Calochortus Albus var. rubellus

Botanical name: Calochortus Albus var. rubellus

Common name: Lily, Red Globe

also known as (Fairy Lanterns, Globe Lilies, Cat's Ears, Mariposa Tulips, Butterfly Tulips)

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Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 8a thru 10b


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description for "Lilies: Calochortus Albus var. rubellus"

Red Globe Lily is a lovely red selection of albus. From the Greek "kalos" meaning beautiful and "chortus" meaning grass, an apt description for these lovely bulbous plants, most of which are native to the western United States. The common names illustrate the great diversity in the genus, among them being descriptive titles such as Fairy Lanterns, Globe Lilies, Cat's Ears, Mariposa tulips and Butterfly tulips. Although they have a reputation for being difficult to grow under cultivation, it has been pointed out that they will perform well if they are given the same conditions in cultivation as in the wild. Also, after flowering the bulbs divide and often miss one or two seasons before flowering again, another reason why they may be considered difficult. Although they can withstand considerable cold, they do not like freezing and thawing. Therefore, outside their native habitat they are best grown in pots. If you like a challenge we encourage you to try them. Their beauty makes them well worth the extra effort. Globe-shaped pendulous 1 1/2 inch flowers are borne 4 to 8 a stem. Native to the coastal ranges of California.

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