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Gingers: Hedychium coronarium

Botanical name: Hedychium coronarium

Common name: Ginger, White Butterfly

also known as (Ginger Lily)

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Photo credit: Mari
Gingers: Hedychium coronarium
Gingers: Hedychium coronarium
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Orlando, Fl

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Soil: damp, acidic, clay
Zones: 7b thru 11a

fall interest, butterfly attracting

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description for "Gingers: Hedychium coronarium"

Hedychium coronarium 'White Butterfly' is the Mariposa, ("Butterfly Flower", due to its similarity with a flying white butterfly)the national flower of Cuba. Everyone should have a White Butterfly in their yard! They are the source of wonderous fragrances and possess exquisitely delicate foliage and flowers. The fragrance of the butterfly ginger will take your breath away. Rhizomes (the underground stem) survive in a dormant condition beneath the soil surface during cold or dry conditions. The plants are very robust and quickly grow out of the containers. They need to be divided yearly. Ginger lily makes a beautiful background plant and looks great planted in large clumps at the edge of woodsy areas. Use the butterfly ginger in low wet areas where it will thrive. The fresh green foliage makes a great framework for smaller plants and works well in tubs and outdoor container plantings. Edited by M.Tate


Native to India. The White ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium) is originally from the Himalayas region of Nepal and India where it is known as dolan champa दोलन चम्पा in Hindi, দোলনচাঁপা in Bengali, takhellei angouba in Manipuri, Sontakka in Marathi, and suruli sugandhi in Kannada.

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I was given a very young Butterfly Ginger on Oct 2010 and by April 2011 I had to divide them into 4 pots. They started bloomimg in August 2011 and still blooming. The fragrance is sweet, the flowers are pure white. Though they don't last long is heaven when they bloom.