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Hedges: Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea 'Rose Glow'

Botanical name: Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea 'Rose Glow'

Common name: Barberry, 'Rose Glow'

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chief cultivator

Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: damp, neutral, sand
Zones: 4a thru 8b

deer resistant

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description for "Hedges: Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea 'Rose Glow'"

This Japanese barberry cultivar is a dense, deciduous shrub which grows 3'-6' tall. First leaves are purple, but new shoots emerge as a rose-pink mottled with bronzish to purplish red splotches. Leaves are of variable sizes (.50" to 1.25" long) on Rose Glow Barberry. Many branched, reddish-brown stems have sharp thorns. Tiny, yellowish flowers appear in late April to early May on Rose Glow Barberry, but are often hidden by the foliage and are not considered showy. Bead-like, bright red berries form in fall and often last through the winter. The berries are attractive to birds. Rose Glow Barberry is easily grown in well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerates light shade, but needs full sun to produce best foliage color. Very adaptable shrub that is tolerant of many pollutants in urban areas. Also tolerates some drought, but will not do well in poorly drained, wet soils. Edited by H. Harris

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