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Antiques: Rosa banksiae banksiae

Botanical name: Rosa banksiae banksiae

Common name: Rose, Antique 'White Lady Banks' (1807)

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Beverly hills, Ca

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Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 7a thru 10b

deer resistant, climber, butterfly attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Antiques: Rosa banksiae banksiae"

Antique Rose 'White Lady Banks' is the white form of Rosa banksiae, named in honor of the wife of gifted amateur rosarian, Sir Joseph Banks. The botanist who named the 'White Lady Banks' rose, Robert Brown, commented on its lovely fragrance, saying, "Indeed I doubt whether many persons if blindfolded could by the odour distinguish them from violets." All the Banksia roses are thornless and appear to have no serious insect or disease problems. They are very long-lived, and any Southerner who plants one may be assured that it will outlive his grandchildren. It is quite common to allow these roses to grow into a tree, where the abundance of spring roses make it seem as if the whole tree has burst into bloom. During the massive flowering, one inch blooms cover the plant like a thick blanket, lasting up to six weeks. Cold is its worst enemy, with hardiness questionable below 15 degrees. For some reason, deer do not like to eat these roses, so they are perfect for natural settings.

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