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Perennials: Ligularia 'The Rocket'

Botanical name: Ligularia 'The Rocket'

Common name: Ligularia 'The Rocket'

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Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: damp, neutral, clay
Zones: 5a thru 8b

deer resistant, bird attracting

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description for "Perennials: Ligularia 'The Rocket'"

Ligularia is a superb genus with a number of showy species and cultivars. They are native to China and Japan, with the first varieties being cultivated in the West after 1850, and many not until 1900. All are big plants, beautiful in flower and leaf. For best contrast, try planting any of these alongside small or finely cut leafed plants. The flowers are quite distinct from one another. They all seem to prefer an evenly moist soil in a sunny spot, as long as the climate doesn't get hot. If this doesn't describe your garden, give the plant light shade and keep it in a low, but well drained part of your garden. Here they will be protected from the drying sun and should be less inclined to dry out. An elegant plant with delicate foliage. Huge (up to 12 inches long) leaves are vaguely triangular with a toothed edge, colored green. The flowers are held on a purplish cylindrical stem.

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