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Herbs: Angelica archangelica

Botanical name: Angelica archangelica

Common name: angelica

also known as (s fishing rod, archangel, aunt Jericho, ground ash, Holy Ghost, root of the Holy Ghost, St. Michael, wild parsnip, Angelica officanils, angels flower)

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in the weeds

Austin, Tx

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 5a thru 7b
short-lived perennial

bee attracting, edible

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description for "Herbs: Angelica archangelica"

Angelica is probably the most impressive plant you can grow in an herb garden. These spectacular plants will grow 6 feet tall, with arching branches of bright green, divided leaves, purplish stems and unusual purple flowers. Although all parts of the plant are edible most people grow Angelica to harvest its seeds for pastry dishes. Angelica usually has a three year life cycle, but it can be kept as a perennial by pinching off the flowers before seeds begin to form. Can be planted outdoors in autumn. Gardeners in northern zones should give tender perennials extra protection during the cold months. If grown from seed, it will take 2 years to flower. Being monocarpic, Angelica archangelica will die after flowering - a true biennial! -- edited by dtd pbcouchman


Angelica archangelica is native to Europe and Asia.

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