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Trees and Shrubs: Plumbago auriculata

Botanical name: Plumbago auriculata

Common name: Leadwort, Cape

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Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: damp, neutral, sand
Zones: 8b thru 11a

fall interest, butterfly attracting

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description for "Trees and Shrubs: Plumbago auriculata"

Also known as Plumbago auriculata. Fast growing pale green oblong foliage carries clusters of light blue phlox-like clusters in summer and fall. Drought tolerant once established, however, summer water is preferred for good flowering display. Plants thrive in turfy soil with some sand. Good drainage is important. In cool climates plant in spring so plants have the best chance to become established before frost sets in. Young plants need regular pinching to ensure bushy growth. Prune in late winter to tidy the stems and remove old wood to encourage new growth and next season's blooms. Old plants should be pruned very hard. Semi-evergreen shrub with many looks and uses. If planted and given support, can reach a height of 12 feet or more. If left unsupported, will grow as a sprawling, mounding bush and reach a height of 6 feet and a width of 8-10 feet. Can use as a bank cover, on fences, on hot walls, in a background, as a filler or as a formal or informal hedge. Train over an arch or pergola. The choice is yours!


Native of South Africa.

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