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Annuals: Lobularia maritima 'Gulf Winds'

Botanical name: Lobularia maritima 'Gulf Winds'

Common name: sweet alyssum

also known as (sweet alison, sea alyssum, snowdrift, snow in summer, snow-white carpet, bedding alyssum)

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Photo credit: pbcouchman
Annuals: Lobularia maritima 'Gulf Winds'
Annuals: Lobularia maritima 'Gulf Winds'
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Germantown, Tn

at a glance

Soil: dry, alkaline, clay
Zones: 7a thru 10b

butterfly attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Annuals: Lobularia maritima 'Gulf Winds'"

The tiny fragrant flowers of Lobularia maritima ‘Gulf Winds’ grow in soft clusters that soon form a ground=covering pastel tapestry in rose, soft pink, lilac and white. Easy to grow and blooming in just 6 to 8 weeks, Lobularia maritima ‘Gulf Winds’ is perfect to carpet rose or bulb beds, unify and fill in containers or blend and soften garden borders. The 4 to 6 inch plants’ honey-scented perfume wafts in the air all summer long and their sweet nectar is a magnet for butterflies. Sweet alyssum is easy to plant directly in the garden. Sow seeds as thinly as possible in early spring in well-worked soil in a sunny spot. Cover only ¼” deep and keep moist. Will bloom in just 6 to 8 weeks. Cut plants back halfway after first bloom to encourage rebloom. In mild climates, ‘Gulf Winds’ sweet alyssum will winter over and bloom again in the spring. – edited by dtd pbcouchman

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