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Verbenas: Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple'

Botanical name: Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple'

Common name: verbena

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Mercer island, Wa

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, clay
Zones: 6a thru 9b

deer resistant, butterfly attracting, bee attracting, drought tolerant

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description for "Verbenas: Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple'"

'Homestead Purple' verbena is a vigorously spreading variety, originally discovered alongside a rural cabin in northern Georgia. Extensive trials across the U.S. have proven its value as a heat loving, ever blooming variety. The large bright lavender-purple flower clusters keep coming all summer. Allow it to go dry as fall comes to a close to harden it off for winter. Makes a colorful foundation for taller growing perennials like Achillea 'Moonshine' and Coreopsis 'Sunray'. This plant needs longer periods of warm weather to establish its roots properly. It is not recommended for fall planting in Zones 3-6. --edited by dtd siegelgirl


"The discovery of the plant is due to the keen eyes of two University of Georgia horticulture professors, Alan Armitage and Mike Dirr. Armitage is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on perennial plants, while Dirr is the undisputed woody plant guru. The two were returning to Athens, Ga., when they drove past a purple mass of flowers neither recognized. They did a U-turn and asked the lady who lived on the homestead about the plant. She didn’t know much about it – apparently it had been growing there for years. They collected cuttings and the plant went on to fame and glory." --

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