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Hardy Water Lilies: Nymphaea 'Indiana'

Botanical name: Nymphaea 'Indiana'

Common name: hardy water lily

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Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: wet, neutral, clay
Zones: 4a thru 10b

bird attracting, butterfly attracting

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description for "Hardy Water Lilies: Nymphaea 'Indiana'"

Pace yourself! 'Indiana' could be going around in the garden for a very long time. Changeable blooms provide a different color each day they are open. Beginning a beautiful yellow, they change to orange and finally to a brilliant russet color. Opening in mid-morning, multiple blooms remain open till late afternoon. . It has 5 inch green leaves with purple blotches and red speckled bronzy pink undersides. Plants spread up to a maximum of 12 square feet and work in tubs as well as small to large-sized ponds. They'll put up with as little as 4 hours of sun, but really prefer 6-8 hours of sun for best bloom and growth. 'Indiana' can be overwintered in the pond as long as the rootstock and pond water doesn't freeze solid. Plant them in containers filled with heavy soil; submerge so water is 6-18 inches over the container. -edited by dtd siegelgirl


Planting should be done in water no cooler than 75 degrees F. If the water is too cool the plant will enter a dormant state. The following planting times correspond to each hardiness zone; for Zone 4 plant in mid to late June, Zone 5 plant in early to mid June, Zone 6 plant in late May to early June, Zone 7 plant mid to late May, Zone 8 plant in mid April, Zone 9 plant in early April and for Zone 10 plant March through April. [Source:]

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