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Parsley: Petroselinum crispum

Botanical name: Petroselinum crispum

Common name: parsley

also known as (garden parsley, ache, herb Venus, herb of death, devil-and-back-ten-times, Apium petroselinum, Carum petroselinum, Petroselinum hortense, Petroselinum sativum, Petroselinum vulgare)

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Renee's Garden

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Soil: damp, neutral, sand
Zones: 7a thru 9b

butterfly attracting, edible

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description for "Parsley: Petroselinum crispum"

Deliciously different, heirloom Petroselinum crispum has exceptionally large, flat glossy leaves whose sweet and mellow flavor will win your taste buds’ applause. This excellent parsley is without the harsh metallic overtones sometimes found in domestic parsley, and is usually used for garnishes. Used as a garnish in restaurants around the world, the leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals. The fleshy root can also be used in soups and stews. The deep green flavorful leaves are wonderful sprinkled on salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, seafood and pasta. When people think of herb gardens, parsley is probably the first plant that comes to mind. Grow some in a pot near your kitchen to enjoy in everyday cooking. Parsley needs rich moist soil and ample spacing for lush harvests. Thin early and keep well weeded and watered. Begin to harvest sparingly once plants have 8 to 10 leaves. Fertilize frequently with a high nitrogen source. Parsley is a great host plant for caterpillars in butterfly gardens. – edited by dtd pbcouchman


Petroselinum crispum is native to Europe and western Asia.

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