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Annuals: Salpiglossis sinuata 'Stained Glass'

Botanical name: Salpiglossis sinuata 'Stained Glass'

Common name: painted tongue

also known as (scalloped tube tongue, velvet trumpet-flower, velvet plant, velvet flower)

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Photo credit: Renee's Garden
Annuals: Salpiglossis sinuata 'Stained Glass'
Annuals: Salpiglossis sinuata 'Stained Glass'
created by:
Renee's Garden

at a glance

Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 8a thru 11a

butterfly attracting, bee attracting

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description for "Annuals: Salpiglossis sinuata 'Stained Glass'"

Salpiglossis (known as painted tongue) is one of the most dazzling of all old-fashioned flowers. Brand-new ‘Stained Glass’ is a very showy and weather-tolerant cultivar bred in England. These gorgeous flowers bloom hard all season in rich chocolate, deep blue, vermilion red, glowing orange, gold and dark purple with striking bicolors. Many of the 3 inch throated blossoms have enchanting and exotic-looking butterfly wing tracings. The 1 ½ foot basal branching plants are glorious in containers or to light up the garden with radiant color. Don’t plant these Chilean natives in the garden until risk of frost has passed. Transplant before seedlings start to form buds to get largest flowers and longest bloom. Give them a sheltered position, especially in very hot summer areas where a little afternoon shade is very helpful, and keep plants moist and well weeded throughout the growing season for best performance. Typically biennials and short-lived perennials, painted tongue is best treated as an annual in American gardens. – edited by dtd pbcouchman


Salpiglossis sinuata is native to Chile.

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