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Cucumber: Cucumis sativis 'Lemon'

Botanical name: Cucumis sativis 'Lemon'

Common name: cucumber

also known as (gherkin, khira)

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Renee's Garden

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Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 9a thru 11a

climber, bee attracting, edible

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description for "Cucumber: Cucumis sativis 'Lemon'"

An American favorite for over a hundred years, ‘Lemon’ cucumbers effortlessly produce loads of light yellow fruit just the color, size and shape of pale lemons. They have a mild, sweet flavor, crisp texture and non-bitter, thin skins. Cool and refreshing, very young ‘Lemon’ cukes are delicious eaten right from the garden like a fresh crispy apple. You can also use them for crunchy pickles. Vigorous ‘Lemon’ cucumber vines can easily be trained up a trellis or strings for easy harvesting. For best quality, sweet tasting fruits, be sure to pick young ‘Lemon’ cucumbers when they are still pale green with just a hint of lemon coloration on their skins. (Bright yellow fruits are pretty but over-mature and they will have tough skins and seeds.) Cut rather than pull cucumbers from the vine. Enjoy the freshly picked, lemon-shaped cucumbers still warm from the sun as snacks and in salads. Wedges of freshly cut ‘Lemon’ cucumbers are favorites of children who often won’t eat other veggies. These old-fashioned cucumbers also make fine tasting pickles, both sweet and dill. – edited by dtd pbcouchman


Cucumis sativus is native to Asia.

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