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Berries: Hippophae rhamnoides 'Dorana'

Botanical name: Hippophae rhamnoides 'Dorana'

Common name: Sea Berry, 'Dorana'

also known as (Sea Buckthorn)

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Mercer island, Wa

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Soil: damp, acidic, clay
Zones: 3a thru 10b

winter interest, edible, drought tolerant

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description for "Berries: Hippophae rhamnoides 'Dorana'"

Dorana is an excellent variety of Sea Berry for the home garden. Begins bearing at a young age and is quite productive, with a more compact growth habit. Bears medium size deep orange fruit that remains on the bush most of the winter if not harvested. Berries are very high in Vitamin C. Sea Berry has narrow greyish-green leaves which appear in April along with greenish-yellow male and female flowers. Sea Berry is a very tough and hardy medium to large shrub, reaching 12 to 15 feet in height (without pruning). It naturally grows in sandy or gravely soils but is equally happy on heavy soils so long as drainage is good. It is salt and drought tolerant and is found even on windy ocean dunes where its deep taproot can find moisture. Both a male and a female plant are required to set fruit. Fruit bearing age usually within 2 years of planting.

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